Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Tom-Boys by Nature" {styled sessions}

Let us introduce our first official clients of "Hey Kid!"... Chase and Morgan! These sisters were the most perfect pair to start off our new adventure into styled sessions. Don't let these beauties fool you though... they can "rough it" with the best of them! As evidenced by the scar Chase has on her forehead from a gymnastics injury, these girls are a mix of pretty and gritty! I was so amazed at all the cool talents these 2 have. They are brilliant gymnasts, fishermen (err... ladies), fashionistas, and have a great sense of humor. When Heather and I started brainstorming about their session, we wanted to incorporate these aspects into their day to really personalize it. After all, that is what these sessions are all about. We style shoots around your child's personality and interests so the session will mean something and create a memory. Since Chase and Morgan love to fish, we instantly thought a lake would be appropriate. Then we needed to punch it up a notch and make it more special, so knowing that the girls also have a love for fashion, Heather pulled some great looks together for them to wear. I just love the cream on white outfits against the girls light hair... it made for a dreamy photo! We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do! Thank you girls for such a beautiful day of fishing and fashion! Oh! And thanks Morgan for giving me some new jokes I can use on future clients! haha! :)

 They could be in a Ralph Lauren ad! 

 little models! 

 We had to get mom in for a group photo! They are beautiful together! 

Can you tell I couldn't pick just a few favorites?? ;) 

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